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Pet-Net cares about the privacy of personal data, so in our privacy policy you can find all the information about the personal data we collect, the purposes for which we use it and how we process it, and you can find out what rights to the protection of personal data you exercise.

You may only use our platform if you have registered with it. By selecting the option “Registration”, you declare that you have read these Privacy Policy and that you agree to the processing of personal data as set out below. 

The data we collect:

1.Personal data

In order to register on our platform, you need to share your personal data with us: a username which can consist of a first and last name and an e-mail address.

Once registered, you can create your user profile as a service seeker (pet owner) and / or as a service provider. Each platform user can upload their profile picture, describe themselves in a couple of sentences and state their phone number. You can change your information at any time.

Pet-Net may also have information about the bank account of the provider / seeker if he/she has made a payment on the basis of which Pet-Net issues coins called Pet.coins through a bank account.

Customers also provide an address so that services can be realized, which may represent personal information if it matches the user’s home address.

2.The actual location information

Pet-Net collects location data about the user’s location in order to.check if user is performing his tasks, and to connect service seeker and service provider for pet care. Pet-Net is authorized to collect real-time user location data via GPS embedded in a device through which he has accessed the platform, and only if he has selected the “Allow application to use location” option when creating his profile. Tracking can be turned off at any time by turning off this option.

3.The information we indirectly collect from you

Also, as a result of the technology itself, our platform collects the following technical data:

  • The IP address that each user uses to connect to the Internet using their computer or mobile phone;
  • information about the user’s computer or mobile phone, such as Internet connection, browser type, version and operating system, and device type.

Purpose of personal data processing:

1.Processing data to use the platform

Provider personal information

We process provider information to connect with users of the platform who are interested in the services needed to walk, sit and / or transport pets.

Provided that you have shared this information with us, your username, image and description will be available to interested service seekers, while information about your actual location, your telephone number, will only be available to the seeker for whom you have agreed to provide a particular service. The service seeker can also see the search engine’s average rating of your services by your previous users.

Service seeker personal information

We process information from service seekers to connect with service providers.

Provided that you have shared this information with us, your username, image, description and the distance of the location where the service would be provided are available to each service provider. Providers see your average rating, your pet’s average rating, and information, comments, and ratings from other providers related to your pet. Your phone number is only visible to the service provider with whom you have agreed the execution of the service.

  1. Processing for information purposes

If you ask us a question or raise a complaint, only then we will have access to your personal information and we will only process that information.

  1. Processing that is necessary due to compliance with the law

In special cases, such as suspicion of the commission of a criminal offense, we may ask you for additional information, and we may share your personal information with the competent state authorities, which we do not have to inform you about. In this case, we are authorized to collect information directly or indirectly from you and other information provided by us to other users of the platform.

  1. Processing due to promotion purposes

We can deliver messages about our promotions and special offers to your inbox. If you do not wish to receive such notices, you can simply notify us by deactivating this option on the platform.

  1. Processing due to service improvement – cookies and associated tracking technologies

Information that we collect directly or indirectly from you are processed through cookies and other similar technologies  to differentiate you from other users. This helps us give you a comfortable experience when using the platform and allows us to improve our service.

Pet-Net uses only the strictly necessary cookies, which are important for navigating the platform and using its features.

Without these cookies, no services could be provided at all, so they are mandatory and cannot be disabled.

Sharing personal information: Pet-Net allows application users to see your personal information in the scope and under the conditions set out above. Under the conditions described above, your personal information can only be shared with: -our external associates and expert advisers such as providers of electronic payment, IT, legal, accounting and other similar services, with whom we have signed appropriate agreements on the obligation of confidentiality and to provide the appropriate level of personal data security solely for the purposes stated in this privacy policy.

  • to government bodies and other persons responsible for dealing with unlawful acts under the conditions set out above. For any other use of personal information, we are required to ask you for your explicit consent.

Protection of personal data

The protection of personal data is taken care of by Pet-Net as the manager of the processing of personal data and at all times we take care that we process your data in accordance with the applicable law.

We require only personal information that is necessary for us to fulfill our contractual obligation or to comply with our legal obligations, while voluntarily giving us your consent to use it at the time of registration for all other personal information you enter.

The personal information you share with us will be automatically processed and stored in Pet-Net files only while your account is active.

You may at any time request us to access, correct, delete or restrict your personal data. Also, you have the right to file a processing complaint as well as the right to data portability. These rights may be restricted in certain situations – for example, when we have a legal obligation to process personal data.

If you have given your consent to the processing of the data, you may withdraw such consent at any time.

If you have any questions regarding personal data protection and the exercise of your rights, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at:

If you suspect a breach of data processing by Pet-Net, you have the right to file a complaint with the Agency for Personal Data Protection.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Any changes to our privacy policies will be posted here in a timely manner.


Last Updated: December, 2022.